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Eye on the Target Radio

Eye on the Target Radio

Firearms focused.  Personal defense focused.  2nd amendment focused.

an active, educational, informative and FUN show that discusses - with our listeners & callers - the topics that are timely and on our minds.    Firearms education on the airwaves.

Why advertise on Eye on the Target Radio?

Our listener base is LISTENING, they are engaged, the are interested.  They hear what is being said and do not tune your advertisements out - like it is so easy to do when it is talk sandwiched between songs. 

Contact us to have an advertising campaign created specifically for you.  Have a budget?  We can work within it.   Have a specific promotion that you are looking to promote?   We can help.    We make it easy to advertise with us.

Drop us a note and lets start the discussion. 

Advertising rates are calculated only on the live shows 

and remain in all the Podcasts.  Advertising that keeps

going over time.  

Rated #1 in the Northeastern Ohio listening area for 3 quarters running.  A GUN SHOW that is competing with music and all other over the airwaves.   

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