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Rust Defense Bolster  -  $10.00

Rust Defense products are NOT Desiccants.  Desiccants are sold as humidity control, not as rust control.   The work in that they absorb 15 - 20% of their weight in moisture.  They will continue to work until they have collected that % of moisture.  Multiple openings of a firearm safe defeats desiccant technology.

What causes Rust?   How does the Rust Defense Products work?

Rust happens when you have three things,   Steel/ Base metal to oxide or rust,  Oxygen & Moisture (relative humidity above 45%).   Folks believe that other things cause rust - Chlorides, salts,  actually they are accelerants, speeding up the process - but they are not the cause.

Rust Defense Products work by off-gassing a statically charged molecule that is attracted to the steels surface.   This blocks the oxygen from getting to the steel and completing the triangle.  Using the triangle depiction in the upper right,  breaking the oxygen / steel leg of the triangle will prevent rust from forming.

Rust Defense Bolsters (Non contact) cover 10 cu ft for 2 years in an enclosed space.  G-Strings cover specific firearms (contact is acceptable) for 2 years.

Rifle Gun String - $10.00

Pistol (2) Gun String - $10.00

Trust D Rust  - $49.95